They All Had a Grudge

This riveting young adult murder mystery series continues in a place you’d never guess


Beautiful, vibrant, larger than life Paxton is now dead and gone. Her boyfriend and two other girls were with her the night of her tragic accident. All three of them have moved on like Paxton never existed, but Paxton’s best friend, Layla, hasn’t forgotten anything. Layla is convinced that there is more to the story–much more than any of those present that night have told. As she continues to dig into the circumstances surrounding Paxton’s death, Layla thinks she’s on the verge of discovering the truth. In reality, she may be placing herself in grave danger. Choosing who to trust could be the most important decision of her life. If she chooses wrong, it just might be a fatal mistake.

THEY ALL HAD A grudge is the 6th book in the series: THEY ALL HAD A REASON