Shadow Copy: ENTER LIGHT

This Young Adult Thriller continues with even bigger surprises and white knuckle suspense. 

You can buy an author-signed copy of the book from The Oak City Collection, a boutique gift shop in downtown Smithfield NC, a featured setting in the story. 


A young woman disappears on her way home from work late at night. A teenage girl never comes home from school. Eighteen-year-old Maddox is abducted in broad daylight right in front of his house. Where did they all go?

It is weeks before Maddox’s parents realize he’s gone. His friends and his girlfriend have already managed to move on with their lives like he never even existed. But Maddox is determined to get his old life back. There is a chance he can make this happen. He just can’t do it on his own. Will Becca be able to help him, or will she become a victim too?